Before you go on another diet check this out first

When it comes to changing our food we are often told that we need to practice more discipline and willpower when it comes to what we put in our mouths and when we “fall off the wagon” or we “blow out” or we “derail” then we crash and burn and the old feeling of shame, not good enough, feelings of failure can rear their heads and often then we can give up from sheer defeat and then we end up telling ourselves horrible things like;

  • It doesn’t really matter
  • I am getting old now and weight gain is normal
  • I am never going to be able to get there.

You see, we can all grit our teeth and discipline ourselves through something for a period of time.

For some, it is a daily cycle.

For others it is a weekly thing and for others, they can go through a couple of weeks of restriction, no I can’t have that, or I can’t do that, of weighing their food or eating and drinking very little except for shakes and then inevitably something pops up in the day to day in the shape of a curveball.

Curve balls like:

  • Work just gets taken to a whole new level
  • A parent needs extra attention and care
  • And then there is the emotional aspect of caring for an ageing parent as well.
  • unexpected social functions pop up out of the blue
  • travel for work and having to think on the fly and rely on hotels and lunchtime meetings to be able to stick to the plan.

It is as if the planets are conspiring against any effort to trim down and finally get the result.

And slowly but surely the resolve is whittled away and the old thought of

“I will deal with it later” starts to rear its horrible head as we resign ourselves to yet another failed attempt.

The industry has provided us with an incomplete strategy.

Kind of like a killer outfit without killer shoes I mean….

Imagine not having the right shoes!!!

Or like the poor little chicken running around the yard with its head chopped off.

We all know how long that lasts.

I worked with a client many moons ago who was in for weight loss, she had PCOS with the upstream issue of insulin resistance.

A quick crash course in insulin resistance.

When it comes to insulin resistance and PCOS any attempts at fat loss without the correct eating plan to switch on the metabolism will most likely be met with frustration and disappointment and this client had definitely had her fair share of this.

She told me how she had attended a “wellness retreat” which was code for a weight loss camp and after a couple of weeks of attendance those around her had lost a stack of weight and she managed to lose only 1kilo.

To add insult to the disappointment she felt about her results the retreat facilitator then proceeded to accuse her of “smuggling food into the retreat” which must have sabotaged her results.

In other words, there is nothing wrong with the way we do things around here so it must have been your doing.

Unbelievable I know.

But sadly true story.

And even more sad is this isn’t the only story I have heard like this from private clients.

She worked her rear end off whilst there and ate accordingly just like everyone else who attended but what the retreat failed to do for this lovely lady was to provide her with a plan that was unique to her metabolic, hormonal profile.

And when the results weren’t there.

Well let’s blame the client.

She was shamed by a place that is meant to be a safe retreat from all of this horrible behavior.

There is way more to obtaining true transformation than just taking care of the physical aspects. When it comes to results…. eating well, exercising, sleeping, hydrating, balancing hormones…. in other words, getting the foundations right…… is only part of the story and I would say it isn’t even half of the story.

True lasting change is an inner game and where lasting change occurs and where you get the permanent upgrade is when you combine brain, body, and heart so they are pointing all toward the direction of optimum health.

With Love,


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