the longest distance between two points is in the shortcuts we take

The longest distance between 2 points is in the shortcuts we try and take along the way.

What this means when it comes to health, and emotional eating is that what we typically do is we make a rational decision which comes from the logical part of the brain.

The rational mind is the one which comes up with logical thinking and creative problem-solving.

So, we start thinking to ourselves I’m going to go on a diet and fix myself I’m going to stop eating sugar, stop drinking, stop eating junk food and I’m no longer going to binge eat, stress eat, comfort eat

I’m just going to stop doing it from now for good.

And I am going to finally be that healthy, lean, fit, version of myself.

This is a logical decision.

Now, before I go on….. can you kind of feel the weight of this plan of self-improvement

Can you feel how kind of tight and restrictive it already is?

It feels heavy, hard, and after a week or 2 perhaps even boring.

And so, we start out of the blocks all in……cutting everything out and restricting, will powering and staying firm on our decision.

Most can do it for 1 week, because they are high on motivation and determination. Some can do it for 2 weeks because they are highly motivated because the program, they are following guarantees all sorts of crazy results and because a friend followed the program and lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks….

So this is going to be it for me.

And then fast forward to the second or third week and then something comes up…. it might be fatigue, a sleepless night, a cold or flu, an injury, a stressful deadline at work, a parent sick and then there is some slippage and then we feel like “well I haven’t followed the plan”  and then we might hop on the scales and then the weight has gone up….. (for a whole pile of reasons like a salty meal, or hormones, or a food intolerance lets say) and then the resolve starts to weaken and then that little internal voice starts saying horrible things like why can’t I stick to things, I’ve messed it up, its not working, or just start again tomorrow and then the wheels start to fall off the whole plan.

Shortcuts in my opinion are crazy restrictive diets, meal plans, exercise routines, shakes, tablets, injections, procedures.

Without aligning the logical part of the brain with the emotional part of the brain and addressing emotional eating at its very core is the fastest way to get caught up in the merry go round of constant dieting and restricting and the inner feelings that go with it of feelings of failure, shame and not being good enough and it’s just not the way to go about things.


The logical brain and the emotional brain are like the cat chasing the mouse. The mouse is the emotional primal part of the brain and is always out of the blocks first and the logical part of the brain is the cat. And the cat forever chases the mouse until you align both centers of the brain. Meaning emotion always trumps logic.

And it’s for this reason that you are much better off forming the identity of a healthy person, finding tools and techniques that disappear old limiting beliefs and install new powerful beliefs and learning how to turn off the constant over analyzing in the brain so that it becomes easy to release comfort and emotional eating.

With Love,


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