I'm Victoria

Founder of Vitalise Wellness, a company dedicated to providing preventative health care to the community.

Victoria grew up in the health and wellness industry and is now a leader in her field and is regarded as one of Australia’s best naturopaths.

With more than two decades of experience in her field Victoria has covered so much in the

Preventative health and nutrition space through university, college, and internationally seeking out the best mentors and thought leaders in the industry to learn from so that she could then share this knowledge with her clients.

She now has a team of practitioners trained in her methodologies who now also help others.

Since 2007, in private practice, Naturopath Victoria O’Sullivan has logged thousands of hours with clients and has helped over thousands of people improve their health so they can have more energy, presence and spark to spend time with their family and friends.

Victoria has appeared on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and her writing and advice has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Body and Soul, Women’s Health & Fitness Australia, In Style, the Herald Sun, Fitness First, Essential Baby, The Border Mail and many more

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of Victoria...


I'm Victoria

I’m so grateful you are here right now

I’ve had the pleasure of creating a dream team of practitioners that have touched the lives of thousands of clients both locally and internationally.

I personally have impacted the lives of thousands of people through private consultation using my method of combining brain, body and heart to create permanent lasting change for many of my private clients and now I want to help you do exactly the same.

"I am here to help the revolutionary movement that is gathering massive momentum globally."

we disrupt the status quo
in the existing health care model.

It isn’t health care, its disease crisis care. And I know that if you are here right now reading this then you are part of this movement.

And you are part of it because you have had enough of anything other than your true health potential that you know that is within you.

You feel it. You envision it. You have moments and glimpses of embodying it.

But you just need to be shown how to fully embrace it.

And that is what I believe I have been put on this planet to do.

This is my passion.

This is my purpose.

I believe that vibrant health is available to you.

All we need to do is unlock it for you.

The one thing that I learnt very early on in my private practice is that taking care of food, exercise and building resilience to the curve balls that life throws at you is only part of the recipe for total metamorphosis into vibrant health and if you focus on just this it won’t be lasting.

the thing is that I am kind of deep

I have been labeled somewhat intense by many and so I don’t play at the surface level. Same goes for my purpose.

My journey of wanting to serve others really began for me when I was 19 years old.

My father 52 years of age was given a clean bill of health in the week’s prior by his healthcare professional. He jogged a couple of times a week, and ate relatively well.

It was a muggy, hot day in January and my dad had just finished his morning surf ski at the beach where he was with my mother.

They were back at the car he placed his surf ski back on the roof and then opened the door for my mum and then he fell to the ground and had a heart attack and died right there and then in front of my mother.

What I am really grateful for is that it happened there and then not 5 minutes later where it may have risked my mums life and others on the road.

Whilst that was a terribly traumatic period of my life it was also one of those defining moments where I made a conscious decision that would set a course of action that has led me to right here now with you.

I believe...

My Dad didn’t just drop dead of the heart attack right out of the blue. I believe that there were warning signs weeks, months, probably even years before that his body was telling him but like most of us, he ignored them or probably the reason and justified them.

You know the ones…

I am tired because I am working long hours and I have so many responsibilities to take care of.

The stress and environment at work isn’t affecting me.

I will catch up on sleep on the weekend.

And besides... It is normal not to sleep now that I am a little older

I eat well most of the time.

The couple of kilos around the middle don’t matter.

Losing my father so suddenly was a very dark period of my life. Being so young I struggled with the grief and letting go for a number of years in hindsight.

It was though a major catalyst for change.

I dropped out of my Business degree at uni and enrolled into a degree in health science majoring in naturopathy.

It awakened the desire within me to

help others

I knew I wanted to be able to impact others in a powerful way I knew that I wanted to serve.

I have helped, high level successful and public figures, even a prime minister and their family members.

I have helped medical specialists like gastroenterologists oncologists, anesthetists, and GPs and I have helped other naturopaths, chiros and all sorts of allied health professionals and mostly I have helped people just like you transform themselves so that their brain, body and heart are all aligned in the direction of extraordinary health.

The reason why I share this with you is not to blow my own trumpet.

Rather to impress upon you that many of us from all walks of life are wanting more for ourselves, our health and vitality and many are no longer accepting the status quo.

No matter how much information I shared and passed on to my clients and how motivated they were to follow the suggestions and programs I designed for them they would come back to me and say…

"I know what I am supposed to do and yet I just can’t seem to follow it."

As I saw more and more clients I observed that they all had something in common and I also realized that I too had this.

They all struggled with some level of overeating, emotional or stress eating, binge eating, or self-sabotage that was preventing them from getting the results that they so badly wanted.

I leant very early on that nutrition was good for them but it could only go so far and in my passion and mission to serve I realized until I totally got how our mind and emotions, thoughts and beliefs influence our behaviors and actions I was only going to be limited in my capacity to serve.

From here I developed an appetite and real hunger for understanding the mind/body connection and have learnt the tools, strategies, from the best in the field to be able to then combine the mind to our physical body and biochemistry.

I have learnt through thousands of hours in the trenches with clients how to combine all of this together to create lasting sustainable change.

I have witnessed private clients reverse chronic diseases.

I believe this work is so essential.

I love this work and my ultimate purpose is to show you how to metamorphasise into your true health potential.

I am so excited to work

with you...


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