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Felicity's Story
from disappointing crash diets to vibrant health
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Felicity's Story

Since her diagnosis with Hashimotos and low thyroid function in her early 20s, followed by the birth of her second child in her 30s, Felicity had been fighting a losing battle against weight gain… and negative self-talk. 

For four years, she jumped from diet to diet, feeling increasingly disillusioned. As she entered perimenopause, she discovered what had worked in her 20s no longer seemed to work. In fact, these crash diets were backfiring and causing even more weight gain. She felt at her wit’s end, exhausted all the time. 

It was not until Felicity joined Awaken that she started to see serious progress.

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Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Promise.

We’ve helped 1000's upon 1000's of women to balance their hormones so that they can reclaim their health and feel good back in their bodies.

Our simple and proven lifestyle plan has delivered results to our over 40s clients, time and time again.

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feels way more self-confidence now

"i feel amazing"

“As we get older in life, and we go through menopause, your body changes, so you have hot flashes, mood swings. And you think, how can I use my diet and my exercise to support me in that? 

Since joining Awaken, my confidence and belief in myself has definitely improved. 

With Victoria’s positive support, it's actually made me a better person to look at everything in my life and achieve something right now. All you have to do is break it down into small steps one day at a time, or even minutes. And that all adds up to a day, a week, a month and then you're just doing it.

- Angie

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has reduced her tendency to self-sabotage


Before Awaken, Kasha felt like a victim of the fat around her stomach, her low energy and her aching muscles. 

She claimed she would self-sabotage all the time because she thought she had to take enormous life-changing steps, which she would try and fail all the time. 

Now, Kasha has lost weight, feels healthier, and has much more energy. She feels excited about her future health.

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feels autonomy and excitement about her future

"I don't have the identity of a sick person anymore"

“By the time I was 22, I had chronic neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain and fibromyalgia. 

I saw numerous specialists, tried medications, and underwent multiple surgeries. I felt low, depressed, and beat myself up. 

Victoria told me it's not me that failed, it's the system that's failed me. That changed the way I thought about things. It made sense that something deep-seated needed to shift.

I have strategies now. I know I can use tapping when faced with unexpected challenges. This gives me a sense of autonomy and comfort. 

Awaken goes into the core of what really matters in terms of changing behaviour. Until you change that inner part, you'll keep going in circles. It's manageable and doable, and that's what will get you fantastic results.”

- Elyn

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has found release from feelings of shame


During the panic of COVID, Tori found herself struggling to consistently keep up with healthy meals and daily walks. She struggled with shame and embarrassment when she gave into ‘bad’ impulses, like an extra bottle of wine. 

After joining the Awaken programme, Tori was able to release herself from shame. She now feels more certain of her ability to weather life’s ups and downs without leaning on unhealthy habits.

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appreciates victoria's empathetic, pragmatic approach

"totally recommend victoria to anyone who wants to get their health back on track"

“I have Hashimotos and wanted some help with the pain I was getting in my side, losing weight and general health. I had been trying to lose weight for 2 years, I'd been really strict with a healthy diet but no luck. 

Within a couple of months I had lost 5kg. I have now lost 7kg so just a couple more kg and I'm happy. The pain in my side has gone and I'm sleeping better.

Victoria is really knowledgeable about SO much! Everything I ask her she knows! She's also really pragmatic. If there's something you can't give up then she's like, ok well let's try something different. She never judges when I don't follow what I'm supposed to do.

- Rochelle Lepper

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says she feels lighter emotionally

"I can feel the results"

“Awaken" has allowed me to completely strip myself of much baggage and silly, self-judgemental thoughts. I honestly thought it would be about food, recipes, kilos, and scales and heaps of exercise. I was a little surprised when I learnt from the "get go", that this course was about beliefs, authenticity, and about being 100% worthy of LOVE.

I’m now seeing steady results. Even if 3.3kg is not much, I know that I am trending down. I have less swelling, and inflammation, better movement, a HUGE amount of energy (that is surprising the whole family), and I look more radiant in my face.”

- Lisa

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has kicked yo-yo diets to the kerb

"If I hadn't joined awaken, I'd still be battling and trying to do it myself"

“I've been a yo yo Dieter since I was 16. I've tried the shakes, I've tried the cabbage soup diet, I've tried Weight Watchers, I've tried Jenny Craig, tried fasting. I know they don’t work. It got to the point that I couldn't even socialise or go to the movies, because I was too afraid to be around food. 

I packed on the weight very quickly. I thought for a long time, I could do it on my own. And I would achieve a bit of weight loss. But then I'd go back again. 

I was drinking every night, and a lot. And I didn't think it would be possible for me to stop drinking, I thought maybe I could cut down to four nights out of seven. But I really didn't think I could stop. 

I started Awaken and stopped drinking for nine weeks, which is the longest I've ever gone without alcohol in my life. And it wasn't that hard. 

When people say to have a healthy lifestyle or have a healthy diet for me, you assume it involves deprivation and hard work. But doing this program, it actually has not been hard work at all, and actually enjoyable. I've got into some really good habits that I just don't even think about now. 

If you've been struggling for years with your weight, you can't do it on your own. You need help and support. It's not about going on a diet. You've got to look at so many aspects of your life and your thought processes.”

- Natasha

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is ready to start living to the fullest


Nada finally reached a weight she was really happy with, only to put 20 kilos back on a few short months later, thanks to binge and emotional eating. 

With all the stress going on in her life, it was all too easy to get caught up in a repetitive cycle of emotional overeating that made her briefly feel good in the moment, but miserable in the long run. Emotional eating was a way to escape from her feelings. 

Nada knew what she wanted (to start living life to the fullest). It was only once she started to treat the underlying emotions that she began to heal her relationship with her body and stop the self-sabotage for good.

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loves our holistic approach to health

"One of the best decisions i've made for my health"

“I first got ill when I was 11, followed by autoimmune issues, Crohn's disease, the removal of my bowel and ABAG, Graves disease, and adrenal insufficiency. Health problems have been a constant struggle. I was getting a lot of anxiety about my health and where I was headed. 

Joining Awaken was one of the best decisions I've made for my health. The NLP, the emotional freedom technique, the kinesiology, the hypnotherapy, I love that Victoria’s approach is whole body complete.

I'm so grateful to Victoria. There's never any judgments, just total support and positivity.”

- Sandy

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feels happier, more confident and more energetic than ever before

"Thank you for changing my life"

“Thank you for helping me get my insulin resistance under control.

Thank you for giving me my confidence back, the feeling I get when I put on an amazing piece of clothing and it fits perfectly is insane…

Thank you for getting my body moving and introducing me to the world of fitness.

It wasn't always easy as I had to change my eating habits and learn to love other foods but Victoria was always there with methods, ideas and many delicious recipes.

When people see me now they are amazed with how I look and ask me what happened and I say “Victoria happened”.”

- Alex Ornelas

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is now free from self-judgement and self-sabotage

"highly recommend!"

“Do you always seem to be watching your weight, think to yourself why do I have to watch what I eat/drink and my friends don’t? Then the Awaken programme with Victoria O’Sullivan is definitely for you. 

Victoria provides insight into our habits, self beliefs,  self sabotage, emotional eating and so much more. Victoria equips you with all of the tools and exercises to free you of this constant battle - to shatter the beliefs that you have held onto for so long and live life to your full potential.”

- Shelley W

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is feeling like herself again

"victoria will get you results"

“I first engaged Victoria due to some niggling health problem that neither GPs nor specialist could fix for over 3 years – I always came back with a clean bill of health. It took Victoria an assessment and 2 sessions, some minor adjustment to my diet (not dieting – just more balanced appropriate nutrition), and less than a month of supplements to get me well back on track. 

Weight gained due to my now-identified illness dropped off me without any fad diet, and my energy levels surged. After only a couple of months I moved from being always tired and craving sugar to six vigorous exercise sessions per week. I am back to feeling myself – and the changes Victoria helped trigger are lasting. 

I cannot recommend Victoria, her expertise and warm yet no-nonsense nature enough.”

- Daniela Cavalletti

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