Have you often caught yourself saying


I need to change.
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And you know the things you should be doing but yet you can’t seem to stick with it and you also know the things you shouldn’t be doing and yet you just can’t seem to stop doing them.

You are so DONE WITH THE WAYS THINGS ARE and you wake up in the morning and tell yourself…

Today I will make the change and then you roll out of bed reach for your phone and are immediately bombarded with…

Today is the day...

Emails, Messages, Facebook, ‘Insta, Work email, Private email, the other email.

And then the kids, the dog, the partner, the work pressure, the work colleague, the friends, the fundraiser.

All of the day-to-day commitments.


And then you can get so caught up in “what is” that the change just seems insurmountable and well unachievable and you go to bed promising to yourself.

Tomorrow I will start.

Tomorrow will be different.

The average person thinks 70,000 thoughts per day.


90% of which were the very same thoughts they were thinking the previous day and the day before that and the day before that.

Where is the space for the change to come with all of these thoughts running through your head?

If you are thinking the SAME THOUGHTS which are producing the very SAME FEELINGS which are producing the SAME BEHAVIOURS which ultimately produce the SAME OUTCOME.

Then what to do?

Something has got to give.

You know the old saying “people don’t change?”

Well its true for most.

They don’t change.

They go to the grave with their beat still in them.

And just because you can see that version of LEAN, FIT AND HEALTHY, AND VIBRANTLY WELL in your mind’s eye and a life that you absolutely love.

Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

You have to go after it.


Its Now or Never.

If you aren’t in action around it then you have gone for a LOVELY BOAT CRUISE down the river of “de-nial.”

And I know you know that as lovely and blissful as this particular boat ride is (let’s face it we have all enjoyed this blissful journey I mean the scenery is just magical isn’t it) and you are TELLING YOURSELF THAT IT WILL ALL BE OK and you will eventually magically just arrive at exactly where you want to be.

You know deep down that this just isn’t true.

Snap out of it. Get off the boat.

So stop it now.

It’s time NOW to take action and claim what you want by stepping up.


Your health

Your body

Your relationships

Your work

Your finances

Aren’t just going to magically whip themselves into shape.


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"My first appointment with Victoria, she went through the comprehensive health survey I had completed and asked me what I wanted to achieve. Understanding the symptoms I described were related to the gut issues she told me about how the digestive system affects our overall wellbeing. She then outlined the plan of attack to get me on the road to good health and explained there was no specific time frame for results. After 15 years of over indulging I was in it for the long haul.

Now at 6 months with Victoria’s guidance and knowledge she has helped me lose 20+ kilos, alleviate inflammation, increase energy levels and make lifestyle changes for ongoing positive health. I have already recommended Victoria to friends who have seen the changes I’ve made and I can’t wait to see the results they will achieve."

– Paul Betty

"I wanted to lose weight and I tried everything before I met Victoria. I’ve been using their services for over 2 months. I lost 8kg! Great service and friendly staff."

– Lucas Bikowski

"Hi Guys, I just felt that I had to share my experience with Victoria to you all. I was diagnosed with Addison's Disease nearly 30 years ago and I take Cortisone tablets morning, noon and night. At the time they told me that the Cortisone would probably make me put on weight and it certainly did. About 3 years ago at the age of 55 I was weighing in at about 110 kg's. After 21/2 years of starving myself and exercising I got down to about 90 kg's and my waist measurement was up around 97 cm's. From this point whatever I did I could not get down lower than 90 kg's. At one stage I was exercising at the gym 4 days a week and really watching what I was eating but I could not lose any weight. I was literally doing all this just to maintain a weight of 90 kg's. Not only that but if I was to have a night out where I would overindulge [although still with healthy foods, no alcohol and minimum sweets] I could easily stack on 2 - 3 kgs which would take me another month to lose. The other thing I noticed was that losing any weight was not really correlating to losing cm's. Enter Victoria...........I responded to an email about a 5 week program by writing her an email and saying that I wished she was in Melbourne as this program really interested me. I received a call back from her clinic to tell me that although I was in Melbourne we could still do the program and so I signed up. I Promptly received an overnight bag with specimen jars and instructions and mailed back my saliva and urine sample. I would then have a consultation with Victoria weekly at a pre arranged time. In my first consultation we pretty much went through my diet etc. and the first thing that Victoria said to me was that I was not going to like her.........she had some bad news for me and that was that I was going to have to give up drinking coffee and she went on to explain to me that the coffee I was drinking exaggerated the effect of the Cortisone and that my body was in a fat storing state. I was taken aback because I was drinking lots of coffee.....sometimes up to 10 cups a day. So I gave up coffee, started to keep a diary of everything I ate and drank[I would email this to Victoria every week prior to our phone consultation] and changed around my diet a bit. Victoria sent me a whole heap of recipes including a nut mix for breakfast instead of my usual porridge, she got me drinking 3 litres of water a day, I cut out milk and now use Almond Milk and diet wise I continued to eat as I always had and exercise the same. I finished the program about 5 weeks ago and I have purposely waited to make sure that I was able to sustain my results. So what were the results after 5 weeks: I STARTED WITH A WEIGHT OF 90.2 KG'S AND GOT DOWN TO 84.5 AND I LOST A TOTAL OF 5 CM'S OFF MY WAIST........THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED TO ME. Now 5 weeks later I'm measuring 89cm's around my waist and my weight this morning was 84.2. But the biggest change is that I'm literally eating like a horse [according to my wife] but I'm managing to keep my weight down. Two weeks ago we were at a party and I really overdid it with food and sweets....the next day I had got up to 86.1 kg's but within 3 days I was back to 84.5. I was absolutely Gobsmacked!!!!! In 30 years after seeing so many dieticians, naturopaths and nutrionists I can't believe that no one picked up this simple problem. Victoria has absolutely turned my life around....I can't drink coffee but I have a good quality decaf coffee which is just as good, I'm enjoying herbal teas and I'm only going to the gym 2 - 3 times a week. I used to really have strenuous sessions on the treadmill, bike or x trainer and then do some weights but Victoria has got me to cut down on the cardio work and do more weights so now at the gym I only do 15 minutes of cardio [I used to do up to an hour] and I am concentrating more on weights and loving it. So do yourself a favour if my story sounds like yours give Victoria a call and have a chat."

– Funfields Whittlesea

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If only I could literally magically step out of your phone or computer screen now and GRAB YOU BY THE SHOULDERS and shake you and maybe SLAP YOU AROUND a little with the cold hard truth of…

If you don’t move into action now then where you're heading with your health, with your body, with the trajectory of the slippery slope into poor health and potential disharmony and if you keep floating down the river then honey you could quite possibly be facing dis-harmony and if it gets dragged on for even longer then eventually dis-ease.

I want to shake you with….

“It’s not going to be ok”

If you don’t make the change NOW.

And I know that it is impossible for me to step through your screen right now but I can do the next best thing which is this.

I can appear in your inbox EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 10 days.

10 days of you and me talking straight and getting clear on what you want for you...


What you want FOR YOUR HEALTH.




What you want FOR YOUR LIFE.

Did you know that vibrant health is your birthright? Did you know that you were put on this earth with your own unique set of gifts to share for the greater good?

And that when you live a life in ALIGNMENT and from this sense of PURPOSE then that is where TRUE HEALTH LIES AND HEALING.


Get instant access to my 10 day goal setting course where you receive daily fast-paced action packed videos delivered straight to your inbox so that you can get started NOW on day 1. So you can live a life that lights you up which ultimately is what is needed to help actualize your health goals.

Its definitely now or never. Don’t you think?

Anything less is kind of like running around the back yard like a poor chicken with its head cut off.


If you don’t make a decision by saying yes to you finally and then actively commit laser-like focus and all..

Then again remember what we were saying about still having the drum within you.

And whilst we are on a roll here..

Did you know that you can absolutely create that vision that you hold for yourself in your mind’s eye?

You can BE, DO, HAVE, AND CALL INTO YOUR PHYSICAL REALITY whatever you decide for yourself.

And yet.

You are choosing to buy into the illusion of one day when I am….. then I will finally get my shiz together.

You can’t keep going on like this hoping secretly to yourself that the magic carpet ride is going to arrive and sweep you up.

And so now is the time to WAKE UP.

Snap out of it.

And say once and for all...

Enough is enough

And my 10day “Its Now or Never” course will help you do precisely this.

In short, if you don’t snap to it and decide its NOW OR NEVER then you will go to the grave with the drum still beating inside of you.

And I just don’t want that for you.

Not on my watch.

I decided long ago it's now or never for me.


But you will have to make the decision and then basically snap to it.

And that is what I will help you with.

GIVE IT TO ME Victoria

10 days of fast-paced straight to the point and just get on with it training. Delivered via videos straight to your inbox so you can get started straight away and create the life you know within you that you are meant to be living.

Its definitely now or never. Don’t you think?

Anything less is kind of like running around the backyard like a poor chicken with its head cut off.


Isn’t it time to finally just say to yourself enough is enough?

Its definitely now or never.


See you on the inside,