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The program that enables you to enjoy food and not suffer from symptoms that eat away at your quality of life.
The benefits

Your best gut comes from a holistic approach

it’s not all about the magic diet!


We are what we digest and absorb.

If the food we eat is of poor quality, overeaten, shovelled into our mouths within seconds and eaten unconsciously in front of the television we are setting ourselves up for poor gut health. Obvious, right? 

What’s not so obvious, let’s say I improve one of those aspects like change a fish and chips for grilled fish and salad but my gut is still producing symptoms and I am feeling unhealthy. It’s because we need to take a broader approach to food, we need to consider that we need to digest and absorb that food to gain health from it. 


One person’s medicine is another person’s poison

The foods that build a robust gut in one person may not for another. One way to look at this is if I eat an apple I would expect this to feed my body with nutrients and provide fibre for good bacteria in my gut. But in your gut the natural sugars are not absorbed there made into gas and they cause bloating, irritation and diarrhoea! This food in your gut is the poison so to speak and demonstrates that everyone should not eat the same. 


One point in time this food brings me health the next it brings me dis-ease

The environment to which the food is being digested is important if there are too many or the wrong types of bacteria or too much gases present then digestion does not occur optimally. These factors are so dynamic and can contribute to scenarios like never well since that bout of Bali belly or that round of antibiotics. The gut environment changed now even the healthiest foods I ate before cause me symptoms.

Change the environment in the gut and the food digests like it did before. 

Get to know my approach

The first thing I think about when treating my private clients, is what they are eating and what I am going to advise them to eat, going to be digested and absorbed optimally?


Do they have an optimal environment in the gut to create health benefits from the foods I advise them to eat and the vitamins and minerals that I prescribe?

If after my client’s initial assessment and functional testing the answer is no, then it needs to be the first thing in their treatment plan to be addressed. 


I have come to this conclusion through years of practice and seeing much of my client’s symptoms in other areas such as the skin, joints, hormones, mood etc all improve when I improved gut function

Get to know adrian

From the start of my career it was lucky that it coincided with the emerging field of the microbiome of the gut aka the bugs that live within our bodies. The conclusions that I mentioned above is through seeing and hearing my clients getting better but also the accumulating research that supported my advice. 

This field of research explained much of traditional medicine that I am trained in, that bitter tonics, fermented foods, broths etc. all have valuable benefits that improved gut function and hence overall health. It all seems common sense but it’s not.

We have gotten ourselves into trouble when it comes to the gut and our health and it is not always straightforward to fix.

The foods we eat, the medications that we take, the stressful lives we lead, the way we are born, to the houses we live in has all changed our gut function and the microbes that live within, to the detriment of our health.

To fix these issues and rebalance our guts takes a holistic and personalised system.

Is this right for you?

This is the place to be

if you need...

Guidance on what to eat to not cause bloating, gas, indigestion, heartburn, stomach pain, diarrhoea and constipation. Because you have listened to the simple advice of eat healthier, eat more fibre and take a probiotic and it doesn’t work!


Understanding on why when you try a diet, your excited and hopeful it will help you but the symptoms are worse, the same or only mildly better and hardly worth your effort. 


Support through the not so obvious steps required to remove the symptoms via removing the cause and to repair the gut to optimal function so you can get the equation back of eating healthy=feeling and being healthy. 


Clarity of what foods are good for your gut in the long term to maintain your results once you get them because bone broth and kombucha are not good for everyone, you are an individual and your diet should be too. 

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Reassurance that the countless tests and appointments with specialists that only resulted in the trash diagnosis of IBS or ‘we can’t find anything, try the FODMAP diet’ and then passed a handout, is not the end of the road.

Beautiful young woman holding wooden box full of healthy groceries very happy pointing with hand and finger to the side

Simplification of what tools are actually needed to get me symptom free, healed and achieving a you best gut. Let’s face it some of us have purchased an enzyme or probiotic or two in the hopes of the quick fix only to be left out of pocket and popping multiple mostly unnecessary supplements to no avail. 

This is the place for people who want this scenario to eventually occur

The only things I feel in the gut are I feel hungry, I feel full, I have the urge to go to the toilet and that’s it!

Essentially digestion should happen without you noticing it.

Now wouldn’t that be perfect!

If this strums a cord with you…

You're in the right place.

Welcome to

It's a Bugs Life
  • To transform the gut into a well-tuned system that provides the optimal health you deserve you need to first understand what we will be referring to in the program.
  • So, we will start with outlining what the gut is comprised of, what is the gut doing with our food and what do I mean by the gut is outside the body?
  • We will then move to processes that are important to why we are here, the ones that go wrong and need a bit of fixing. You will learn about the process’ of fermentation and putrification (no not beer and mummies…)
  • Then we will go into the fundamentals of what foods will heal the gut and why we use special nutrients and plant extracts within the program.
  • Don’t forget to see attached questionnaire to keep an eye on symptoms with included test to know that you are progressing like planned. I hope you enjoy seeing and feeling the results for yourself.
  • There are milestones to be made in this program and the one we will be referring to is ‘Zero to Near Zero Symptoms’. This is no bloating, no excess gas, no excess burping and no 6mths pregnant looks going on! There is always some bumps to had along the road to success and this program will be no different. 
  • So, we will be troubleshooting some of the most common changes that occur when you change the way we eat, like some symptoms get worse before they get better. 
  • We will go into the most common side effects such as constipation due to the poorly trained bowel or the diarrhoea due to the easily irritated bowel that gets a bit excited. 
  • We might be considering some refinements to your program like any good program should do as you are not a number or a machine, you are unique. 
  • Don’t forget to up your awareness around non-food factors that can affect your digestion and to watch your special video and handout.
  • Now that the environment has changed in the gut, it’s time to understand what needs to be healed for this environment to stick. One way to keep the weeds out of the lawn after weeding is to build a stronger lawn.
  • So, we will go through a brief set of stories of what could of caused issues in the gut and then concentrate on the area that needs to be healed ‘the gut lining’.
  • We are going to go through the factors that we need to steer clear of to keep the gut healed and why.
  • And how we build a lifestyle not just a diet to keep healing the gut and keep it healed. As the previous weeks homework suggest it’s not all about food it’s never that simple but it being happy and healthy is worth the process.
  • This week’s homework is some fun tasks in the kitchen on some popular health crazes and how you can start practically managing stress.
  • By this stage you should be basking in the progress that you deserve but do I have to eat this way all the time to maintain my results? To answer this question practically you need to keep diving into the changes that have happened to cause the gut issue in the first place.
  • So, we will be going into what we are continuing to do in the healing process and diving into a bit more reasoning. As healing does take time we will be doing a recap on the program so far at past the mid-point stage.
  • We are going to go through solidifying results with ways to tune digestion up to digest food better.
  • And how to use food as medicine to enhance digestion for the rest of your life. This is all the while learning the secrets to work with digestion rather than work against it. A look into some forgotten arts….
  • This week we will also set some challenges to see how much of the foods you can incorporate into the weekly meals and a slow eating contest.
  • The question by now is what will continue the work of the antimicrobials herbs that we used?! Panic may set in but not to fear we have been building a plan to make sure everything stays improved and keeps improving.
  • So, we will be going over what has been this plan. The idea that we are engineering the environment in the gut not too far from the idea of cleaning up the garden ready to replant.
  • We are going to go over a revision of the idea that we should now be slamming in as much sauerkraut and probiotics as possible, rather we should be cautious as these foods may bring back symptoms.
  • This will lead to the plan that the individual and their type of gut issue should follow with probiotics, fermented and fibre rich foods.
  • Once you know the strategies to monitor the guts response to these tools the homework will be to use them to find that right fit. You are going to a dance and picking the right partner to dance with make sure you pick a good one!
  • Our last week! I am so proud of each and every one you making it this far in a program that quite literally changes your life. We have changed the way you eat, drink, how fast you eat, how much you stress, sleep, you name it. This can be a hard and bumpy road and I can understand how much sustained effort it take to get to this stage, so well done!
  • This is the stage where we have everything in place to trial foods that we ate in the past and should now tolerate or to discover a food/s that I didn’t tolerate at all. This stage is an awesome opportunity to find your ideal way of eating. What foods make me healthy and what foods take that away from me if eaten or overeaten.
  • We will make a case for gluten re-introduction or not and talk about the traditions that helped us digest these foods.
  • We will also be able to take the time to have questions and answers to other foods and beverages that may be unclear or you really want to have em’.
  • Let’s leave with what I think digestion should feel like so that we always have something to aim for and what do these results mean to you going forward. How valuable are they? Will you maintain them going forward or do you need more guidance and support?

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The time to feel hungry and not dread the decision of what food will not make me feel sick.

The time to feel vibrant energy, clarity of mind and no discomfort due to poor gut health.

The time to feel empowered on what food makes my gut healthy and therefore achieves your full health potential. 

All of this is can be achievable through the 6 week It's a Bugs Life Program.


Join me and my team in providing you with everything you need to know to improve your gut health, so that you can reclaim what belongs to everyone, optimal health. 


Go beyond disease free,

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