Boundless energy is an inner game

I was talking to a private client in our first session together and she was saying that she wants to be healthy, fit and lean.

And she was frustrated because she feels like she lacks the willpower and motivation to stick to the plan. Which she said was basically causing one big plateau in her results.

And this is what the wellness and fitness industry would have you believe.

You just lack discipline when it comes to what you put in your mouth and how you move your body.

As we started to go deeper because you see your struggles with your body, your health, your health condition is there because of something deeper in your core.

We started going deeper to discover where the blocks were in her body and here is what came bubbling to the surface in a flurry of tears and release.

In the last 12 months she has broken up with her partner and due to COVID he had literally packed up and gone back to the UK in a here one day gone completely the next day kind of way, that was back in March and in October the previous year one of her very closest friends committed suicide.

This poor egg is dealing with heartbreak, grief and loss. Two times in 12 months or shall we say 2 times in 6 months she has had the rug of certainty pulled from beneath her feet. This isn’t a motivation and willpower issue this is a splinters in a broken heart issue. No wonder when it comes to decision making time around food she is not making the best choices most of the time to move the needle toward lean fit and healthy.

Grief and loss are exhausting it takes a lot of our available energy and internal resources. It can also create feelings of apathy and can’t be bothered.

Boundless health is an inner game. Your body is constantly eavesdropping on your thoughts, your feelings, your hurts, your frustrations, your fears and until we dial in and release these

Your body packs away all of these undealt emotions and stores them in places in your body and until we release what is tucked away, what has been swept underneath the rug hoping that just soldiering on will continue to work as a way of life then we end up with one big lumpy rug which we just keep tripping over.

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