What happens when you tell a child “do not draw on the wall”

What happens when you tell the child don’t draw on the wall?

They draw on the wall right?

So the thing is, we never grow up out of this.

  • Don’t think of what you have to get done at work tomorrow
  • Don’t think of that new outfit you have been dreaming of getting
  • Don’t think of the chocolate biscuit that is in the lunchroom.
  • Don’t think of that glass of wine you are just dying to have..

All you can think bout is the very thing.

And this is why being perfect and trying to follow something 100% on plan or saying that you are “all or nothing” just doesn’t work.

Have you ever started a program and told yourself I am going to follow it 100% I am not going to have chocolate, I’m just going to cut the bread out, the lollies, the alcohol

I’m just going to will power my way through it until I get there.

I’m just going to stop eating it or drinking it.

And you get home at the end of the day and your tired from slaying all day, your willpower is fatigued from all of the decisions you have had to make all day……………….. and you think to yourself I’m not going to have my thing and you’re there saying no, no, no I just need to distract myself or maybe I will just go and clean my teeth or chew some gum and then all of a sudden you find yourself at the bottom of the bottle or the bottom of the bucket or at the end of the packet and you don’t even know how you ate it all.

 it’s like you just went unconscious.

All or nothing doesn’t work.

Well it does for a period of time depending on how hard you are strong arming yourself, but your battery will run out and that is where we can just start to slip back into old behavior.

I think certain words should just be deleted from now from our vocabulary

  • I’m a perfectionist
  • I’m either all or nothing
  • Dieting
  • Failure

Shoot for consistency or progress over perfection. By allowing some stuff in you stop the need to draw on the wall.

And fast forward 6 to 12 months and you are way further ahead than you have ever been.

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