Is The Flu Vaccine A Shot Worth Taking This Year?

With last year’s flu season some statistics revealed that the flu vaccination is just a little over 50% effective which is considered the odds of flipping a coin. In the age group 65 and over the statistics out of the US from last year was that it was only 9% effective.

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One of the key things that clients ask me in consultation is should I get the flu shot, and my most common answer is the flu is not something to be afraid of.


It’s more about building a healthy immune system rather than taking a vaccine that may or may not work for you. When we do get a cold or virus and we allow our body to fight it naturally we are actually strengthening and developing a healthy immune system over the long term.

I was doing some research on line last week and came across one of Mercola’s articles and he quotes the following. “ The Cochrane database review has issued no less than 5 reports between 2006 and 2010 all of which decimate the myth that flu vaccinations are “the most effective flu prevention method available” In average conditions when a flu vaccination partially matches the circulating virus, 100 people need to be vaccinated in order to avoid just one set of influenza symptoms according to Cochrane’s findings.

As another flu season approaches all these facts are often ignored by conventional medicine and media alike and you’ll certainly never see them mentioned in any flu vaccine promotion campaign. Unfortunately in addition to the fact that they may not be as effective as advertised, flu vaccines can and do cause harm.

Most deaths and serious complications from the flu are actually due to bacterial overgrowth in the case of chest infections leading into pneumonia and are needed to be treated with antibiotics.


So how do we actually build up our immune system in the cooler months?

Vitamin D is one of the main sources to build our our immune system. You can check out my last article on Vitamin D by clicking here. Ensuring you have appropriate levels of Vitamin D is one of the most powerful ways of strengthening your immune system. One study done recently proved that Vitamin D is one of the most powerful sources of fighting off the Flu. In a test case children taking 1200 units per day of Vitamin D were 42% less likely to develop the flu. A point to remember here is that the flu vaccine is only 50% effective.

Other than taking Vitamin D supplements another way is to increase your daily dose of sunlight to 30 minutes a day.


Diet is also an important factor in the immune system. Minimising your sugar intake is also an important way to enhance healthy immune cells. When you overload on sugar you burn through B vitamins and other minerals like zinc which are important for stress management.


Rest is also another key factor which goes without saying. A good nights sleep along with stress management will also help support your immune system. When your cortisol levels are elevated which is your stress hormone it actually suppresses your neutrophils which are your soldiers of your immune system. Make sure your sleeping well and exercising well coupled with good meditation will help strengthen and support your immune system .


Natural immune boosters such as herbs like olive leave extract, echinacea, along with Zinc, Vitamin C which is really important for mucous membrane around the chest, nasal passage and throat.

Garlic being a natural antibiotic has a compound called cysteine which dries out mucus. Garlic is exceptionally good for chest and nasal support. Andrographis is another herb which is a strong antimicrobial immune stimulator






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