The 5 Daily Habits Of The Super Healthy

When health is at the cornerstone of all of your decisions then it can have a positive  ripple effect through to all areas of your life.

A client of mine once shared with me how she landed a large supermarket contract which for her (I bet you can imagine) was an enormous success.

She said to me:

“Victoria, I know that the reason why I got it was because I had started on my journey to better health, I had more clarity, mental focus, and presence of mind to be able to say the right things at the right time and respond to emails appropriately.”

This, I couldn’t have articulated any better.

A beautiful girl eating healthy food

Your health is a daily occurrence and making it one of your top values in life will see you optimising your ENERGY, MOOD, and WEIGHT.

If you would love to see things change for the better then master these five daily habits starting today.

 1. They drink enough fluids.

 Hydration is so simple but so easily overlooked. Often clients say to me:

…I am not thirsty and struggle to drink it.

…I forget to drink water.

…I don’t like the taste of water,

…I have been told that you can drink too much water.

I have heard it all, believe me.

So, exactly how much water is enough?

go grab your calculator and type this in;

0.33 litres x  your kilo bodyweight.

For example my bodyweight is 65kilos.

0.33 x 65 =21.45. So my fluid intake needs to be 2.15 litres of water per day + 500ml per hour of exercise.

The reason for this is because anything less then your blood becomes thick and sticky and slows the oxygenated blood flowing to the brain. Your brain becomes starved of oxygen and you will experience things like;

Brain fog

Mental drowsiness

Crankiness and irritability

Low energy


Low mood

Just think about the 3pm lull when you feel like having a sleep.

When you have that slump in the afternoon you will naturally reach for a biscuit, chocolate, cracker, toast to give yourself some energy and then the weight gain will inevitably creep on around the middle.

So please guys, no more excuses, stay hydrated for the sake of your waist lines at the very least.

 2. They believe in consistency

Consistency is the key to success.

Perfectionism is a strategy that will fail you in the long run. The all or nothing head-space sets you up for feelings of failure and then your self esteem crashes.

Being perfect with your diet at all times (or attempting to anyway) will make you more likely to fall off the wagon and give into the foods that you are depriving yourself of. This will inevitably lead to probably more weight gain.

Part of the joys of being human is we all mess things up at times. Especially when it comes to eating well and exercising. Telling yourself you can’t have something ever, can be like a red flag to a bull to your conscious mind.

It is like telling your child don’t draw on the wall. Doesn’t that often become the game of let’s draw on the wall? 🙂

You are much better to focus on eating well 80% of the time and allowing for 20% of the time to be a little relaxed. As this will be more sustainable and enjoyable and you will feel less restricted.

 3. They Eat Enough Green Plant Matter.

Green vegetables are nutrient packed super foods that most of us don’t get enough of. Potassium is a mineral that allows your body to kick in and heal itself and to let go of waste.

This means good skin, great energy, more stable blood sugar which will lead to ideal body composition as you will have the energy to lose weight.

Set an intention to put something green into every single one of your meals and see how you feel and what you notice after one week.

 4. They Shake it Every Single Day.

You are designed to move. It doesn’t matter what stage of fitness you are at. Just start moving it may be for a walk to begin with. Notice when you are doing the moving how you are feeling.

What is the pay off?

You may feel more alive during the exercise, more happy through the day, more mental alertness.

When you observe the benefits and how you are feeling, you are more likely to make it a lasting habit (even when the little mini me on your shoulder is telling you are too tired, or it is too dark, or too cold to exercise).

 5. They Switch Their Metabolism On By Eating Breakfast.

Eating breakfast is a subject that can’t be discussed too many times. It is vital to health, and weight management over the long term.

Eating breakfast is the key to fat burning. Skipping breakfast can lead to eating sugary snacks later in the day or overeating at night time. Eating breakfast will help manage your appetite and keep your metabolism firing throughout the day.

Some people experience hunger or shaking when their blood sugar crashes others will just get tired, or won’t be able to concentrate.









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