Now is not the time to quit on you

winter is not the time to quit

WINTER is definitely not the time to quit on your health.

 The way this typically goes, I see it all the time is the RESISTANCE starts to build.

Energetically it is a time of contraction and so it can feel like what is super easy in spring and summer can feel so overwhelming and exhausting in the cold.

RESISTANCE LOOKS LIKE:resistance to change

I have been feeling run down

I have been too tired in the morning

It is too cold to exercise

It is too dark

I am too busy with work, family

I haven’t followed the program

I haven’t been perfect

I will wait to spring

I am ok with my body and how I feel.

This is just your inner dialogue keeping you STUCK in the same pattern that has stopped you from achieving the breakthrough on your body fat, your hormones, your gut issues, your skin issues, you mood and anxiety issues.

Lets have a look at –  I haven’t stuck to it.

I had a session with a client the other day who had felt like she hadn’t followed the program and she shared with me right up until she parked her car out the front of the clinic that she had wanted to reschedule or cancel her appointment because she felt that she hadn’t done enough exercise, hadn’t eaten well enough,

Basically hadn’t been perfect enough which in her mind was an automatic…

“Well I haven’t done it right so therefore I HAVE FAILED.”

In the beginning

In fact when they come in for those sessions where they feel like they have failed guaranteed every time they are the sessions that they grow from, learn and particularly learn to STOP GIVING THEMSELVES SUCH A HARD TIME so that they can dust themselves off and keep moving forward.

So back to my client…

And here is what happened.

We had an amazing conversation around what she needed to CREATE FOR HERSELF.

The only area in her life that was escaping her was her health, her hormones, her gut she was BLOATED, GASSY, AND CONSTIPATED all of the time and she has BATTLED WITH HER WEIGHT SINCE FOREVER.

We had a conversation around one area of her life that she was hugely successful she is in the top of her field with her career.

And for her she was  “WELL OF COURSE I AM.”

I just do what I have to do to make it happen.


Together we expanded on this.

Because you don’t just get to the top without fostering the attitude of BURNING THE BRIDGE on anything else other than

Making it happen.

She related to how she often had to reschedule social events because she had to stay back and work on a deal.

She spoke about how she often had to get into the office early ahead of her team she called it her strategic planning time where she was able to think and not be interrupted.

She said she had to spend time with her team, enrolling them, encouraging them, acknowledging them, and leading them to the outcome.

This was all leant skill meaning she has had to do ongoing education and training through university and college in order to become the leader she is to her team today.

This meant when she studies she is also working full time on top of being a mum as well meaning there were more balls in the air to juggle during that time.

She told me about the tough conversation she has had to have with team members at times that were uncomfortable particularly if performance management was on the table.

She related how she hated doing this.

But she did it anyway because when it comes to here career she is OUTCOME FOCUSED, SHE HAS THE END GAME IN MIND and so has to have these conversations because she knows, she has learnt that no man is an island and without her team, then she is not going to make the outcome happen.

As she was talking HER WHOLE STATE CHANGED.

There was colour in her cheeks as her passion for her work was being talked about.

Her voice lifted, she leaned into the conversation.

She remembered HER MAGNIFICENCE.

This is commitment I said to her this is what success looks like.Successful women

You are guns blazing, no HOLDS BARRED, burn the bridge, TAKE NO HOSTAGES kind of a women when it comes to your career.

At times you have to bite down on the wood and grit your teeth and do it even though you know it’s going to be excruciatingly painful.

You do tasks, have conversations, put in the hours even when you don’t WANT TO.

Because for you in your minds eye this is all that matters.

You do what needs to be done until it takes, and then some.

And then you rinse and repeat.

When you are in this state you are in alignment, THINGS FLOW more easily, your CREATIVITY SPARKS, you just seem to SOMEHOW KNOW WHAT TO Do with any challenge, any resistance.

Things are more fluid, more possible, more doable.

Its not hard it is just different, its growth, its living out on the limb and knowing whatever happens you can handle it.

You commit to completion.

Where others wouldn’t have.

This is what success looks like.

I then said now all you have to do is go ahead and cut and paste that version of yourself over into your health.

What this looks like:

When your dialogue is saying I don’t want to eat that, I feel like this instead.


When you are telling yourself that you don’t want to exercise.


My only rules around this is if you are really sick and need to rest or you are so physically exhausted that exercise will drain you even more.

By the way if that’s you then you may need to check your nutrient levels, like IRON AND B Do what you have to do to make it happen copyVITAMINS.

And there is a difference between being exhausted and just tired.

Just being tired is the RESISTANCE holding you back, keeping you where you are.

When you are with your friends and they want to drink and party.


When you are so dam tired from work, and doing the evening kid shift and you just want to eat chocolate.


She returned for her follow up session the other day and said that she was so grateful that she had kept that appointment.

What had followed was a recommitment to herself and she lost 1.8 kilos over the week and was on top of the world because SHE HAD BROKEN THROUGH THE RESISTANCE.

So, if you can resonate with this and you kind of feel like I am talking directly to you right now, then remember I am here for you through the frustrations, the perceived setbacks and the so called “failures” along the way.

Who you are now is not who you are on the other side this is NORMAL.

The ones who persevere through this though and stick to it are the ones who get the lasting change.

If you kind of know you need to refocus on you and on your health and you are READY TO RELEASE THE RESISTANCE because you know that now is your time then.

I am going to give you the chance to do a metabolism test that looks at what your body is doing with your food and what your body isn’t doing with your food and water intake that is causing the underlying issues that you have with your weight, energy, hormones, gut and immune system.

This test is $117 normally when you do our corrective care program and it truly is transformational. For you it is FREE when you book in for your next session.

This offer is for the first 27 that respond only.

And you know what else?

Jump onto it now before your resistance talks you out of it.


Free Metabolism test

I believe together we can forge a new way of spectacular health.

And most of all I believe in YOU.

Victoria O’Sullivan.

P.S If you know someone who needs to read this then please share it.




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