Attention sufferers of Low Thyroid Function

If you have ever been told your thyroid is normal or you are on Thyroxine yet you still experience symptoms of hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) then please read on.


Do You Feel Fatigued

Is Exhaustion, Brain Fog and Hypothyroidism robbing you of a rich and rewarding life?

Do your symptoms ever get so bad that you feel like screaming?

Even the simple things in life that used to give you so much pleasure and joy, now only leave you fatigued and down. You no longer enjoy your life like you used to and even more frustrating is that no one really seems to understand how you feel.

Are you sick of having no energy, and when you jump on the scales in desperation you find that your weight has gone up yet again despite eating the same food and exercising the same amount.  You know these symptoms are real, intense and downright debilitating.  You can’t even think straight anymore and most of the time all that is on your mind is how do I get through this?

Fatigue is so relentless that you need sugar and caffeine to get you through the day of activities. The trouble is the more caffeine and sugar you consume the more your body relies on it and you know deep down this isn’t right. You decided to go to your doctor for a check up, only to be told that everything is normal and that you may need to consider an antidepressant or possibly eat less and exercise more.

Again you know that you can’t keep going on like this putting up with your symptoms and functioning below par. You need a solution and you need one NOW. Here’s how.

Which of the following symptoms do you want to fix once and for all?

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Low mood, depression and anxiety,
  • Low libido
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Forgetfulness
  • Constipation
  • Infertility
  • Hair loss
  • Pre menstrual syndrome
  • Cold hands and feet

I have many clients with hypothyroidism some who have suffered for years without much relief. Their GPs couldn’t find the cause of their symptoms, so they were told to just eat less and exercise more, or were prescribed anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication or told to take more Metamucil for their sluggish bowels.

And then there are the clients who have been placed on Thyroxine as they had abnormal bloods yet they still suffer all of the symptoms of low thyroid and therefore they are not experience vitality, energy in fact they have just gotten resigned to feeling tired, with sluggish bowels and those other symptoms like thinning, dry hair and skin.

But you and I both know that this is not the answer. These treatments don’t work because they do not address the underlying issue of why your metabolism is not working. You see if your thyroid is not working at optimum chances are your other endocrine glands like your adrenals are not up to scratch either. For over 8 years we’ve been successfully treating low thyroid function and other hormonal imbalances using a very scientific based methodology that helps identify and remove the underlying causes and in turn restores normal thyroid function and therefore vitality.

Now I am going to share with you a profile about a client of mine…

Rebecca and her struggle for energy and weight loss

Rebecca aged 43 came to see me as she was gaining weight, felt exhausted when she woke up in the morning so much so that it was a struggle for her to get through a normal day let alone think about exercise. She felt like she was becoming forgetful and “foggy” and her premenstrual tension was getting worse as she aged. Upon case taking she revealed that her bowels were sluggish moving only every second to third day and she felt like she was becoming increasingly “sensitive” to foods as she would eat and then feel bloated and full of gas.

I share with you this case study as Rebecca’s bloods (Thyroid stimulating hormone TSH) came back normal so her GP said there was nothing wrong with her and that it was the consequence of raising kids and working a full time job.

Rebecca tried very hard to eat well yet by 4pm it became challenging for her because she was so tired that she would hit the chocolate.

To help Rebecca regain her vitality and start to shed the kilos I simply addressed the Underlying causes of her subclinical low thyroid. To understand how I did that you first have to understand how the thyroid gland works.

How I Helped Rebecca back to optimum health

Firstly, I explained to Rebecca that TSH testing is inconclusive and an unreliable method for addressing thyroid function. In fact, it can often appear normal yet you have all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

We arranged for her to a complete thyroid panel along with testing for deficiencies like Iron, B12,( live blood analysis)Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc (zinc tally test)and iodine.

Some were standard lab testing and some were done in house in the clinic and then we also had a look at food allergies along with saliva hormone testing

We then ran a biochemistry, metabolism test RBTI along with a biological age test so we could assess Rebecca’s muscle mass and metabolism and what was really getting in the way for her to feel optimum

I also got Rebecca to do some simple temperature testing at home.

These tests revealed some interesting facts that helped us to formulate a plan to help Rebecca on the path. Her particular issues were blood sugar imbalances (despite appearing normal in bloods)

A severe iodine deficiency, impacting the conversion of her thyroid hormones along with a yeast overgrowth (candida) in her bowel and multiple food intolerances. Her saliva hormone results revealed cortisol (stress hormone) dysfunction and oestrogen dominance

Our plan included a food plan to help her switch her metabolism on so it switches into fat burning rather than fat storing and we proceeded to correct all the other issues. We gave her herbal remedies, and supplements to balance her hormones and eliminate the yeast overgrowth.

What happened then may be alarming to some readers, but I wasn’t surprised. It is the same result seen in client after client year in and year out when the principles of corrective care are applied.

Fast forward three months later, Rebecca had shed 13 kilos of fat. Her energy was optimum she was exercising consistently and her PMS had vanished.

Her biological age had reduced to 7 years younger than her putting her at 35 and she was free from the suffering that had snuck up on her.

Do you have to continue suffering like Rebecca did? Absolutely not.

We have the science, the education and understanding along with the appropriate testing and tools to deal with low thyroid function and all of its insidious symptoms. Me and my team have the combined experience of over 23 years’ experience in preventative health.

Another client, just recently, held off filling her prescribed Thyroxine (for the first time) given to her by her endocrinologist in the hope that she could fix things naturally. We devised a plan and told her that it would take time to get a result and we will have to monitor our progress. After 3 months of following her specialized program uniquely designed to correct her underlying issues she came back thrilled after seeing her endocrinologist and being told that her thyroid was now stable. This particular clients issue was (leaky gut syndrome) and dysfunctional cortisol driven by a period of chronic stress.

You may be wondering are drugs necessary to treat in some?

And the answer is yes in some cases they are. But in many cases they aren’t.

A more empowering question to ask is “What would happen if I explored a more preventative option first before committing myself to a life time of prescription medication?

In those cases where medication is necessary treating the underlying causes will help you to restore energy, metabolism and therefore quality of life. Whilst taking your medication thereby rendering your thyroid medication more effective.

Thyroxine is T4 only. Your thyroid gland produces T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. Many clients come to us on Thyroxine medication and continue to have lingering symptoms of hypothyroid that range from mild to severe.

Treating the root causes gives you the chance to experience optimum health.

You to could start to experience these benefits in a matter of just a few short weeks

Fast forward to 2 weeks’ time you have attended your complementary session with one of our qualified practitioners and you have been given a clear path, and you start to feel more energy and alertness.

Many of our clients start to notice results in less than a week of beginning their individualised program others longer than that however you won’t know what will happen for you until you start to take action.

Either way, you will soon be on your journey to improved energy and vitality.

And just in case you still are unsure about what to do remember that the first consultation with one of our qualified consultants is complementary.

We offer this as some people have seen preventative health practitioners and shelled out money and experienced lackluster results, others don’t know what naturopaths or nutritionists do. So, we gift our time to you so you can experience first hand our service at no risk and decide for yourself whether we are the right fit for you.  If you find us agreeable then we will offer you a more long term solution to your problem.

At the very least you will receive more personalized information relating specifically to you than you would if you visited your primary healthcare practitioner.

I am looking forward to

  •  Losing weight that just won’t seem to budge
  •  Having energy so I can be more present with my friends and family
  •  Moving my bowels daily and consistently
  •  Soft and smooth skin
  •  Improving my mood and have no more downward spirals that affect my confidence and self esteem
  •  Finally having a libido again

 I hope you feel this is reasonable

 The way I see this is that you have two choices:

1. You can keep feeling low, tired, sluggish, depressed all the time, you can keep wasting your precious time and money on doctor’s bill, keep popping pills hoping that this time this particular formula will live up to what it claims on the box… or

2. Book now for your free initial consultation, completely risk free and begin experiencing greater energy, clarity of mind and all the other benefits of following a tailored program. The choice is yours.

If you know deep down that YOUR THYROID IS TELLING YOU THAT YOU NEED TO MAKE CHANGES and you know you need help then take my team up on our FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION so we can help you reach your true health potential.

Start your journey to better health now.

Victoria O’Sullivan.





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