Are your ducks lining up, or are you ducking for cover!!!!!

Ducks in a rowRecently I have been educating myself around human behaviour.

What I’ve really got present to is there is a profound difference between having a desire, and a written down, in-the-diary goal. Having dreams that are off in the distance is terrific and makes us feel great. But after a while, if we don’t take action, we actually start eroding our self-esteem. We must, to feel good about ourselves, take action on what we want to create.

So here’s some guidance for effective achievement of goals:

1. We have to say “yes” and then work out how we are going to achieve our goals in order for us to succeed. The majority of us start by working out the how we are going to achieve something before we say yes to the goal. A good example of this is, I am going to say yes to 6 sessions a week of exercise and then getting the diary out to plan the session times for the week. The majority of us will work out how we are going try and fit in six sessions a week and then set the goal. This is where all the reasons will start to creep in, for example, I don’t have enough time, I work to hard through the day and so am too tired to train, I have to pick the kids up etc

2. Once we have said “Yes” to our goal we need to take ACTION. We can look to nature for this one as an example. The other day I was jogging around Centennial Park with my dog and partner and we came across some ducks in the pond…You know the saying we use, I will wait until all the ducks have lined up before I will do/take action…

Well, what occurred is my dog decided to chase the ducks which provided a threat to the mother duck and her ducklings. What I actually noticed was that the mother duck sprang into action as a response to my dog being a threat and THEN all of the ducks lined up with the mother duck in a row. So, it is in fact the other way around, ie we have to take action to feel courage and to get a result. Courage doesn’t just show up for us, we develop the courage muscle as a result of taking action towards our goals.

What persistent DESIRE is within you RIGHT NOW whereby taking ACTION today will allow your ducks to line up?




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