The Impact of Food on Your Health

Lets dive straight in....

  • Learn how to turn your metabolism into a hormone balancing, anti-inflamatory state
  • Discover how your blood sugar levels and thyroid are intertwined and the impact sugar has on your overall hormonal axis
  • The impact stress hormones have on your thyroid
  • Understand the importance of hydration and the effect dehydration has on your thyroid and your circulation
  • Explore why sugar and starches are definitely not the answer to refuelling the brain


Lets dive straight in and get cracking

  • How eating well can still lead you to be nutrient deficient
  • Discover the reason why many of our foods are nutrient deficient
  • Learn how stress can deplete key nutrients within the body
  • Discover the most common mineral deficiencies found in low thyroid function
  • Why correct iodine levels are key to maintaining healthy thyroid function
  • Discover the dangers of having too much iodine and the importance of maintaining a gentle balance
  • Why getting tested frequently is critical to ensure your thyroid is working efficiently
About Victoria

Victoria O’Sullivan is a university trained Naturopath who grew up in the health and wellness industry and is now a leader in her field and is regarded as one of Sydney’s best naturopaths.

With nearly two decades of experience in the wellness field, Victoria has covered so much in the preventative health and nutrition space through university, college, and internationally seeking out the best mentors and thought leaders in the industry to learn from so that she could then share this knowledge with her clients.
Since 2007, in private practice, Naturopath Victoria O’Sullivan has logged thousands of hours with clients and has helped over 6000 people improve their health so they can have more energy, presence and spark to spend time with their family and friends.

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