Lets dive straight in and get cracking

  • Discover why hormonal imbalance is almost always the underlying root cause of low thyroid
  • Understand how eostrogen dominance effects low thyroid
  • How a small drop in progesterone can have a massive effect on your entire hormonal system
  • Discover how the oral contraceptive pill, hormone replacement, high body fat and poor liver clearance can increase eostrogen
  • Discover the benefits of fermented foods, fibre and green vegetables
  • Explore the link between low thyroid function and adrenal dysregulation
  • Learn how BPA's can have a massive impact on your eostrogen levels within your body

Heavy Metals

Lets dive straight in and get cracking

  • Review the effects of heavy metals and their potential impact on your thyroid
  • Understand when to start checking for evidence of heavy metals within the body
  • Why its important to ditch the tap water and move to filtered water
  • We'll review some household items which could potentially be impacting your thyroid function
  • Review a variety of common metals which can have a significant impact on your thyroid function
About Victoria

Victoria O’Sullivan is a university trained Naturopath who grew up in the health and wellness industry and is now a leader in her field and is regarded as one of Sydney’s best naturopaths.

With nearly two decades of experience in the wellness field, Victoria has covered so much in the preventative health and nutrition space through university, college, and internationally seeking out the best mentors and thought leaders in the industry to learn from so that she could then share this knowledge with her clients.
Since 2007, in private practice, Naturopath Victoria O’Sullivan has logged thousands of hours with clients and has helped over 6000 people improve their health so they can have more energy, presence and spark to spend time with their family and friends.

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