You Can Reclaim Your Mood, Your Energy and Your Waistline.

(And Yes You Can Stop Emotional Eating, Drinking And Self-Sabotage!)



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From The Desk of Victoria O’Sullivan Sydney, Australia.


The 6-week live on-line immersion designed to re-wire your brain to disappear emotional eating, drinking and self-sabotage for good so that you can reach your ideal health and be in the best shape of your life.


Exhausted businesswoman having a headache at office. Mature creative woman working at office desk feeling tired. Stressed casual business woman feeling eye pain while overworking on desktop computer.

You’re tired, exhausted and frustrated with the endless dieting, on and off the plan but afraid to stop the yo-yoing in fear of regaining all of the weight and then some that you have been battling to lose.

Unhappy woman eating vegetable salad at table in kitchen. Healthy diet

You have spent the best side of your adult life trying to lose those same 5 to 20 kilos. It’s like you are on a permanent diet. Living a life of restriction, shouldn’t and can’t haves.

Sugar addiction, nutrition choices, motivation and healthy lifestyle. Cropped portrait of overweight woman refusing sweet food

You feel like you are an overeater, emotional eater, binge eater, under eater, stress eater, comfort eater, boredom eater, PMS eater and insert any other type of eater. And you have had enough of this controlling your headspace, your mood, your confidence and your life.

Woman mom is tired in depression and children are boys.

It’s like you can look at food and put weight on and what used to work in the past you know……the old exercise and eating less just isn’t working anymore.

Young girl rejecting junk food or unhealthy food such as donuts and choosing healthy food such as a green apple and salad for having a good health. Dieting and good health concept.

You’re over the emotional eating and drinking that has a grip on you and if you just knew how to release it then on the other side of this release is a BREAKTHROUGH to being in the best shape of your life. For Good.

Woman mom is tired in depression and children are boys.

You feel like you’re constantly worried about the way you look, and it is affecting your confidence and self-esteem. And you look back over photos from previous years and think to yourself wow, I didn’t have anything to worry about and yet I still was beating myself up about the way I look.

Woman mom is tired in depression and children are boys.

You’re over putting everyone ahead of you and giving your precious energy which is coming at an enormous cost to your energy, your body, your health.

Woman mom is tired in depression and children are boys.

You are confused and overwhelmed by all of the noise in the world of experts about which is the right plan for you. Plant based, paleo, keto, low carb, low fat, count calories, Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, weight training vs cardio.

Woman mom is tired in depression and children are boys.

You’ve caught yourself whispering the words of I know what I need to do but I just can’t seem to follow it through or……

I have tried everything, and it seems to work for everyone else around me but just not me...


You’re ready to take matters into your own hands, and your willing to do what it takes until it takes and then some no matter what NOW.

Because you have had enough of feeling this way and being told crazy-arse reasons like…

It’s your age.

It's normal.

It’s your kids and your juggle and perhaps you just need to accept it.

It’s in my family.

It’s genetic everyone is this way..

You know deep inside of you that the vision of vibrant health is available to you and you see it so clearly in your mind’s eye, you feel so deeply within you and all you need is to be shown the way to metamorphasise into this version of you.

This urgent need calling to you.

The desire for a more complete answer for you to experience complete health.

For you to experience WHOLENESS and to be in the best shape of your life.

Because this is attainable, and you know this.

This truth.

And you know now is your time to step into this potential, this possibility.

Before we unpack AWAKEN there is something really important you’ve got to know...

I’m Only Offering 100 Spots in the Course

The Reason?

AWAKEN is going to be delivered LIVE where you will dial in on-line from the comfort of your own home and I want the numbers to stay nice and cozy so we can really move the needle on this.

I’m only one woman after all.

I don’t want you to get lost in a crowd of peeps. I want to create an intimate community where we show up collectively and together transform our beliefs and behaviours.

And it is so much more than this.

As a group there will be the collective conscious.

Have you ever noticed when you attend a training it is kind of like everyone in the training is often dealing with the same life problems, the same struggles, the same setbacks?

And yes, everyone will have emotional eating…

But you will find that similar stories will be shared.

It will be like the group has its own pulse its own heartbeat.

So, if you’re interested in really next leveling your health on all levels and finally releasing the behaviours that are really getting in the way for you…

Then read all the way through this letter right now otherwise next time you visit this page…

The spots could be gone.

The inner work is no doubt

the real work.

Everything that you have right now in your life and all the things you haven’t been able to create so far in your life is a result of how you think and how you feel, and you know this.

This is where we will really shine the torch.

It is where together we will experience our deepest most transformative work.

So it is a combination of practical how and what to do and the deeper stuff, which will create the lasting change, you are wanting.

I am so beyond excited to share with you “Awaken.”

Here’s Just a Little of What You Will Discover…

This work is the deepest of deepest of work.

Meaning it contains everything you need to know along with techniques to deal with and release:

  • Emotional eating
  • Binge eating
  • Overeating
  • Undereating
  • Comfort eating
  • Stress eating
  • Boredom eating
  • Period week eating
  • Drinking way too much alcohol.

The other sneaky behavior we are going to unlock is SABOTAGE.

You see these types of behavior are an act of self-soothing that have been working for you up until this point in time.

And yes, you want to release it.

But first when you make peace with it and see it for what it is then I promise you you can then let it go.

And it just won’t have that grip over you anymore.

And then you get to create a breakthrough that will see you carving out and metamorphasising into that picture of health and that body, that energy that you hold so clearly in your mind’s eye.

I have gone so far down the rabbit whole with this program it’s like I have dug all the way from Sydney and popped up in Shanghai.

How do I know this?

Because I have personally released this behavior and I have helped so many of my private clients do the very same.

I am in better health and shape in my mid 40’s than I ever have been.

I have had countless clients stop eating and drinking:

  • Chips
  • Chocolate
  • Bread
  • Cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Cakes
  • Crackers
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Lollies

As a naturopath and mindset coach who’s been at it since 2007 in private practice, I Know that:

Sugar addiction, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, dietary, healthcare and medical concept. Cropped portrait of overweight woman choosing healthy food refusing chocolate bar

You’ve tried so many health and “diet” plans. I mean the word diet should just be deleted from the vocabulary. Don’t you think? You’ve PUSHED, You’ve RESTRICTED, You’ve COUNTED CALORIES, all in name of health.


You can’t help but feel you’ve MISSED THE CHAPTER that goes before all of the “fix your health programs” in order for them to really make an IMPACT ON YOUR HEALTH.

Weight loss and diet concept. Lady standing on scale. Woman weighing herself. Fitness lady dieting. Weightloss and dietetics. Dark late night mood.

You feel overwhelmed, guilt-tripped, angry and frustrated on a regular basis by health and fitness experts who REPEATEDLY tell you how you should do this and do that and follow this plan. But you keep doing it anyway because maybe just maybe this time it will work.

overweight man and woman walking on trail in forest.

You have bought into this BS and so you are blaming yourself and saying horrible things to yourself when you are by yourself like you are lazy and unmotivated and that maybe just maybe the trainer is right….

Young woman lying on sofa at home eating cookies and drinking tea

Your VISION for health and body and life you want hasn’t come to FRUITION and you feel just as TRAPPED and STUCK as you have ever been.

Young woman in white T-shirt choosing between broccoli or junk food, donut. Healthy clean detox eating concept. Vegetarian, vegan, raw concept. Copy space.

You’ve had enough and you want to break through the emotional eating and sabotage so that you can start seeing the RESULTS.

If this sounds like you...

and you are thinking to yourself Victoria you really are in my head right now, then it sounds like it’s time to AWAKEN baby so that you can release emotional eating and drinking and sabotage.

Sorting out your inner world is kind of like sorting out a wound.

Disappear Emotional Eating, Drinking and Self-Sabotage...

First you got to clean out all the gunk and then you have to dress it so it can heal nicely and then you can move forward.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

We are going to get to the heart of your cravings by using a powerful technique which will have you amazed at how the chocolate, or the chips or the alcohol just doesn’t have that grip over you anymore. You will even be able to have them lying around the house and you won’t be tempted. No more gritting your teeth and will-powering your way through. Which I know personally and also professionally just doesn’t work.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

We are going to go through a process to re-wire your brain where you will actually see that the eating and drinking is an act of self-soothing and once we are complete here you will again be able to let it go. Trust me it is that easy.


We are going to week by week make the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will disappear the physical cravings so that you have the energy to move throughout your day. Fatigue, brain fog, and mood eating is definitely a thing and can easily be shifted.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

And Yes, if you desire to know how to finally turn yourself into a fat burning machine, we will cover this. I’ve got you covered with meal plans, shopping lists, recipes.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

I am going to show you how to reclaim your time and life so that you can create the space in your schedule for you so that we can then deal with overwhelm, frustration, and the feeling of never having enough time. Which ultimately will have you reaching for the very thing you are trying to avoid.


We are going to upgrade the software so that you can delete that part of you that has you addicted to food and drink no matter all of your best intentions to stop it.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

Ever had that lurking fear of going hungry that then leads you to eating even though you are not hungry it’s just in case kind of a thing? We are going to bust this.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

What about the built-in leftover from childhood pattern of having to finish everything on your plate? Yep we are going to clear this.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

Unconditional self-love and acceptance we are going to unpack. I mean what the hell does this mean anyway.  and how do you actually know if you are embodying this state of being? Remember that I kept going down the rabbit whole I have covered everything in this program.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

We are going to explore a technique that will trick your brain into believing that you are living that upgraded version of you that you have in your Mind’s eye. Your vision for health, body and life.

Beautiful plus sized model celebrating her freedom as she exercises outdoors.

We are going to deal with having to face unwanted sexual attention. For many this is a painful reality where they emotional eat or drink, so they perceive that they are undesirable because of some past trauma(s).

You see...

I learnt very early on in private practice that following a way of eating, taking medication and quality supplements is only part of the story.

I wouldn’t even say it is half of the story.

And this my friend is why the wellness industry, the fitness industry, the medical industry fails us.

True health comes from within and when you combine mind, body, and heart together, so they are aligned all pointing together, in synergy and in the direction of wholeness this is where true healing lies.

Anything else is half-baked, incomplete.

So now let’s talk...

I thought about it.

What is the most powerful program I can create for you, and share with you, teach you, so that you can go ahead and create the results that I have created both personally with my own hormones, health and fitness and what I have helped 1000’s others create?

And I realised in a moment of the blinding obvious...

I need to share with you exactly what I do every day personally and what I do with my private clients.

It is going to be so much FUN I will answer all of your questions as we go through.

We will twist, shift, release, transform and have some fun along the way.

And yes, if you can’t make the live training you will receive all of the recordings.

If this isn’t way cool, then I don’t know what is.

quote-1 copy

“I have working with Victoria for over a year now, I feel a massive change and improvement in my health & well-being.

Victoria is so caring and always manages to find a way to assist and support you with all aspects of life and the issues that arise. She has helped with my mental health and also my fitness and lifestyle choices. She genuinely celebrates your wins no matter the size and encourages you to do your best. Best part of my routine is to see Victoria! I can not recommend Victoria highly enough, thank you for everything!”

Nikki Walton

“I have never written a google review but I realise that everyone can benefit from knowing about Victoria and her team.

Victoria isn’t a one size fits all practitioner she digs deep to get to know you and find out what is really going to work for you. She is so knowledgeable on so many different aspects of health and well-being and she helps you to make sense of all the conflicting health advice out there. She is kind and patient and never gives up on the pursuit of the health of others.

She is so enthusiastic and passionate about helping you achieve your health goals. She never makes you feel like a failure and celebrates even the smallest of wins. She is very understanding and accommodating about appointments and supplements, she is also very aware of personal budgets and works closely with what you can afford. I trust Victoria with every aspect of my health, both physically and mentally.

If there is one thing you could do right now for yourself to improve your health I would encourage seeking out Victoria, you will not be disappointed. She is a really special lady with an amazing gift.”

Kerry Prince

“Victoria has changed my life for the better. She has improved my sleep after struggling for 15 years, my endometriosis pain which I've never received assistance in managing the pain despite two laparoscopies, and overall health post cancer diagnosis. I become quite emotional when I stop and think how grateful I am for her assistance.

I've seen many doctors over the years and no GP or specialist has improved my health like Victoria. Yes there's a cost, but there's also a cost to NOT seeking help... and for me, health is wealth so her help has been invaluable. Thank you Victoria.

You not only help me in my health journey but you're also an awesome person who I love chatting to!”

Katrina Orenstein

quote-1 copy

“Thank you for changing my life.....

Thank you for helping me get my insulin resistance under control, many tried with no luck.

Thank you for giving me my confidence back, the feeling I get when I put on an amazing piece of clothing and it fits perfectly is insane....

Thank you for getting my body moving and introducing me to the world of fitness.

After being diagnosed with insulin resistance and being told that in a few years I would have diabetes I went on the search for someone that could help me reverse my insulin resistance. I meet many professionals some of very high status but it wasn't until I came across Victoria that my health started changing around. She has helped me lose weight and improve my overall health.

It wasn't always easy as I had to change my eating habits and learn to love other foods but Victoria was always there with methods, ideas and many delicious recipes.

When people see me now they are amazed with how I look and ask me what happened and I say "Victoria happened".

Alex Ornelas

I have been working with Victoria for about 8 months now. I have hashimotos and we wanting some help with pain I was getting in my side, loosing weight and general health. I had been trying to loose weight for 2 years, I'd been really strict with a healthy diet but no luck. Within a couple of months I had lost 5kg. I have now lost 7kg so just a couple more kg and I'm happy. The pain in my side has gone and I'm sleeping better.

Victoria is really knowledgeable about SO much! Everything I ask her she knows s! She's also really pragmatic. If there's something you can't give up then she's like, ok well let's try something different. She never judges when I don't follow what I'm supposed to do. She's actually just really lovely to talk to. Also, she looks at the emotional/spiritual side of your well-being, not just the physical which I think is key. I would totally recommend Victoria to anyone who wants to get their health back on track.

Rochelle Lepper



How it works

Weekly training

Weekly 1-hour trainings in these sessions we will be doing techniques to clear emotional eating, cravings and sabotage. So, it won’t be me talking at you for 1 hour we will be rolling up our sleeves and doing the work. LIVE In the moment.

Weekly things to implement. Nothing changes if nothing changes so together, we will implement the things that really move the needle on your health so that you start also seeing the physical results in your body.

Weekly mindset work and things to do.

I have even put together meal plans if fat loss is a goal for you I will de-mystify the mixed messages out there for you so that you can start seeing real sustainable results.

I have meal plans for what healthy eating looks like and anyway once we go through what to put on the plate so that you can switch your metabolism on so that you balance hormones, reduce inflammation and trim the centremetres if need be, you will be able to create meals so easily and effortlessly with your eyes closed. You will even be able to eat in restaurants and travel knowing what to order.

I have also for you personal training workouts, along with yoga classes designed for you to do in your home, at the gym, or even down at the park or beach.



Now let’s talk costs:

The main reason for me doing this is that I have long had a vision of being able to help as many people as possible with their health beyond the 1 on 1 private consultation.

Whilst I love consulting and will most probably never give it up.

It has its limitations.

Namely time, cost and location.

The cost of preventative healthcare rests on our own shoulders and this means for many it is prohibitive due to the cost of the consultation.

I also find I am constrained by time.

I have

become skilled at reading clients and knowing what is really going on for them beyond just diet, supplements, medication and lifestyle.

You see any health issue is just symptomatic of a brain, body and heart being out of alignment and often the issue is based in the 3-core universal human fears, meaning we all got ‘em.

The location.

I am in Neutral Bay Sydney which makes it challenging for many to make a regular commitment, which sees them, unable to keep going with their sessions.

So, this is where “AWAKEN” came about.

My hourly rate in private practice is $374...

If you were to come and see me for 1 hour for 6 weeks, it would cost you $2244.



But I don’t want you to join because you can afford it.

And I don’t want you to join because it is LIVE.

I want you to love the sound of that, but I want you to say yes to the sound of YOU.

To you believing that now is your time and for some of us this time is long overdue and perhaps that you have been ignoring that inner calling within you for some time.


If after you have completed the training and have done, followed and implemented everything that we covered throughout the course and you are not feeling any better. Then I will happily refund you your money for the course.

This isn’t a program this is a


It is an experiential journey that requires you to go within to create the change so that you can have a breakthrough in your own health.

There will be a wonderful private FACEBOOK community where we together can share stories of our own experiential journey and transformation.

Remember I’m Only Offering 100 Spots in AWAKEN

That way I can give as much support as possible.

So, if you know that this is your time and you know you are part of the 50 and you want to say yes to reclaiming your health.



arrow-1 copy

So, who is Victoria Anyway?

Great question.

That would be me.

You can watch my personal story over here.


of Victoria...

If my story and my style resonates with you and you want to create lasting change then what are you waiting for?




All you need to do is show up, with a student’s mind, be willing to do the work and you’ll start to see and feel the results pretty much from week 1.